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Professional Career Counseling

EVE BIRNBAUM ASSOCIATES (EBA) works with professionals from a wide range of industries through all stages of your career advancement and any transitions in your career path.  From her in-depth experience in coaching lawyers and other professionals, Eve is an expert on helping you reach your potential and find a satisfying career. Whether your goal is to advance at your current employment, or to search for a new job, or even a new career, we work with you assess your goals and progress quickly through a customized plan. Eve has successfully coached dozens of professionals, including bankers, accountants, hi-tech and marketing managers, and corporate executives.  

Career Advancement Coaching

  • Identify Goals and Make A Plan
  • The How, Who and Where of Networking
  • Business Development
  • Personal Message and Branding
  • Communication and Executive Presence
  • Maternity Leave: Off-ramp and On-ramp
  • Path to Advancement
  • Decision Points

Eve will coach you one-on-one through the three key phases of advancement:

Evaluate your current situation, skills and experience using self-assessment and 360 assessment tools. The focus is on setting accessible goals that align with your professional and personal priorities.

Create a detailed action plan covering the development of substantive skills, as well as strategic business relationships – both at your firm or company, and outside.

The third phase consists of regularly scheduled ongoing coaching and reporting of progress and overcoming obstacles in taking action steps in the plan.

When I engaged Eve, I was unclear how my unique hi tech experience as both a developer and an entrepreneur would translate to the right position at at top tech firm. Eve offered me guidance and insight in helping me assess my skills, identify my options, and navigate the search process – from networking, interviewing and finally negotiating my offer – all within a timeframe of several weeks. She was very accessible to me throughout the process and understood my unique situation. Her advice and judgment were consistently spot-on. I highly recommend.

Sales Engineer, top video platform company

When I met with Eve, I was a recent university undergraduate and unclear about my career goals. I had an economics degree, but little idea of how my skills and previous experiences could translate into the workplace. It didn’t help that all my friends were on the fast track to careers with large corporations. In one session, Eve helped me see that I did have something special to offer an employer, she helped me target my job search, industry and most importantly, she gave me the confidence to speak about myself clearly and positively.

Marketing Director, leading customer relationship management company

Career Transition / Job Search

Eve’s experience as the former Global Director of Legal Recruiting at Milbank LLP gives her unique insight into how to succeed in the legal job market.

  • Assessment of Skills and Job Satisfaction
  • Career Transitions
  • Job Search Tools
  • Jumpstarting Your Job Search
  • Resumes and Profiles
  • Interviewing Prep and Skills
  • Offer Negotiations
  • Women’s Career Decision Points

Eve will coach you one-on-one through each phase of your job search:

The first step is evaluating your current situation, including skills, strengths, experience, and job satisfaction values, using self-assessment tools.

The second step is to clarify your goals – this includes a clear-eyed assessment of identifying jobs that are accessible and satisfy your professional goals and personal priorities.

Eve Birnbaum Associates will work with you to create a personalized job search action plan tailored to your specific targets. We will work with you to identify key contacts and opportunities, as well as a timeline of practical and concrete action steps for you to move forward expeditiously. Eve and her team have coached professionals at all levels and worked closely with them through the entire process of finding, applying, interviewing, negotiating offers and moving into new jobs and even new careers.
We will work with you to develop your unique narrative, and help you create sharp resumes and social media profiles that are customized to your specific job search. Your resume will serve as a powerful tool that makes you stand out from your competition, clearly highlights your relevant skills and experience, and evidences to your reader that you are an excellent fit for the role.

From her 12+ years of experience running legal recruiting at major firms, Eve knows what it takes to get the callback and ultimately, the offer. You will become adept at how to interview – with confidence.

We will give you expert guidance during your decision-making process and help you negotiate your package. We want you to be happy.

I came to Eve at at time when I left a 36 year career in school psychology to go out on my own and start a new professional chapter. In just a few sessions, Eve helped me figure out how to apply my skills to my new endeavor, to recognize opportunities that were available to me, and to package myself to optimize my new career options.  Working with Eve gave me an immediate boost in confidence, and her can-do approach and practical advice propelled me forward to achieve my goals much more quickly than I had anticipated. I highly recommend Eve – no matter what field you are in.

Private practice psychologist and consultant