Following are representative programs that will optimize your legal talent and improve retention and associate job satisfaction.

  • Closing the Confidence Gap: Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk
This program draws from the recent brain research that has shed new light on how gender differences impact workplace perceptions and behaviors. The program applies this knowledge to create practical tools for advancement and success for your women attorneys.  

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  • Women's Rainmaking Workshop
In this two-part interactive program, Eve teaches your women associates how to advance at your firm and cultivate business relationships. Eve demystifies "rainmaking" and provides a practical approach for integrating rainmaking principles and skills into your associates' daily practice.  

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  • How to Succeed As a Junior Attorney: Ethics and Excellence

Accredited for 2.0 hours of CLE, including 1.0 hour of Ethics

This two-hour interactive workshop for new attorneys equips them with the tools to advance at your firm, while teaching them how to avoid common ethical pitfalls.  The presenters are experienced presenters and educators.

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  • Ladies Who Power Lunch!

Eve teaches your women associates and summers how to communicate effectively to advance at your firm and cultivate business relationships.  The culmination of the program is a 30-minute speed networking session where the participants will try out their newly - acquired skills.

  • Practice Ready

This is a two-hour interactive program that teaches your associates concrete strategies for meeting your firm's expectations in handling their early assignments. It is customized to your firm's standards and competency benchmarks. The program teaches your associates:

  •  How to approach their first assignments
  •  How to write them
  •  How to present the results
  •  How to avoid common pitfalls

This is a very practical program and it provides a clear roadmap for your associates on how to be effective, efficient, professional and deliver excellence. The program is co-presented with:
Dianne Rosky, principal, RoskyLegalEd (, an expert in legal writing, and
Michael Souveroff, principal, Natural Speech Coaching ( a communications maven.


  • Competency-Based Evaluations & Model
Compensation Model Based on Your Firm's Practice and Expectations

About the Competency Model:

EBA works with senior management to create a performance-based evaluation process and pay structure, customized to your firm. Your product will identify the competencies and benchmarks that constitute success at your firm. The new model will be created and rolled out so that the firm's expectations are clearly communicated to the attorneys and properly implemented so that associates receive fair, informative and constructive evaluations. The goal is the creation of an evaluation and pay system that rewards the performance and skills valuable to your firm, and fairly compensates and motivates associates.

  • The Real Deal  
Learn To Be An Effective Corporate Transactional Attorney

About the Program:

This is a four-six week interactive workshop where your junior associates handle a sophisticated transaction in your firm's hot practice area from first draft through closing. In the course of the workshop simulating a real deal, your associates learn:

  •  substantive law
  •  drafting on your forms
  •  negotiating
  •  best practices
  •  firm’s knowledge and document management system
  •  work ethic of your firm

EBA collaborates with partners and associates at your firm to create this hands-on interactive customized program in practice areas where your junior associates can be most productive.